ASUS EEE PC : JKK is a real Guru

The Asus EEE PC might be really small in terms of its size and capacity. Some say with it being small, the potential is also limited. This might be true for a total n00b user who does not know anything except from turning this tiny creature on and off. But for advanced users, I think it’s more than just the potential they get from the device but the potential they continuously cast modifying it.

It started with the extra 16GB SSD, followed by internal bluetooth. Then there comes the ASUS EEE touchscreen and now the internal High Speed 3G capability. And there are more coming soon…

JKK is definitely a genius when it comes to modding the Asus Eee or might be anything that involves “melting a lead with a hot rod”.

He said though, that after installing 3G, the it gets a bit warm at the back, not hot but warm. And he promised for something else next time. Might he be planning to install a chilling lab equipment next time? :P
Here’s another amazing video he created for us.

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    100% Batangueno’s last blog post..New Youtube Sensation!

  2. ay ano gang balita? ikaw ga’y nasaan?

  1. March 26, 2008

    ASUS Eee PC Notebook with Touchscreen and GPS…

    These little ASUS Eee PCs are really storming the market news lately and for good reason. They are reasonably priced, they are compact, look sweet and just have a nice aura (is that the right word? no) about them really.
    ASUS vice president Kevin Lin…

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