Better Comments Manager made even better :)

UPDATE: Actual file attached. After downloading, extract the file and override the existing better-comments-manager.php file in your plugin folder. Enjoy :)

I use Better Comments Manager to easily manage comments from users on my blogs. But I found it quite inconvenient because I always have to go to “Comments” menu and then do another click to access the function so I modified the plugin to make the function accessible from the Dashboard page.

I planned to post the plugin but weeks ago, Jaypee announced the latest version of the plugin which enables the user to access the function straight from the Admin Panel. I thought my plan to blog about it was totally ruined but I noticed that there’s something more I can add to make the plugin better.

Currently, the plugin adds a menu to access the function and the menu lies inline with other top level menus. IMO, the menu is placed not perfectly well so I make it a submenu on the Dashboard page. Here’s how it looks now. For me, this is much a better look. I can’t attach the file yet but if you want, I can send it to you.

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  1. September 7, 2007

    […] Cantos of Ala Eh! blog has come up with a better Better Comments Manager, a modified version of the original […]

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