Connecting Asus eee with SE K608i

Right after my Asus eee was handed to me, the first thing I did was configure 3G connection in it with my Sony Ericsson K608i. And I succeeded.

My SE K608i phone was not detected automatically at the first time. So I headed right away to where I read the step by step process to make Asus eee detect the phone as a modem.

The steps were so easy to follow. I followed the GUI way. It’s the best. i also tried the console steps and it worked as well.

Steps in setting up 3G connection on Asus eee PC with SE K608i phone.

Update – The GUI Way

Wilson Co has pointed me to this post on Eeeuser that basically details how you can cheat your Eee into using a “dialup” account as a 3G connection. Note that Xandros will auto-detect the KU250 as a dialup modem and not a 3G / HSDPA modem. Basically, you just have to:

1. Create a dialup profile using your 3G phone as the dialup modem. Usually the KU250 or other 3G- or GPRS-enabled phones won’t appear under the 3G/HSDPA modem list, even when plugged in. They will be detected as dialup modems, though.

2. Edit /etc/ppp/peers/dialup1 such that the last few lines appear as follows:


3. Edit /etc/chatscripts/dialup1 such that it looks like this:

“” ATZ
OK AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”internet”
OK ATD*99#

And then try to connect using that particular dialup profile. This is essentially the GUI way of doing the above-mentioned steps, but this time without having to dialup using wvdial, nor installing that tool itself.

[Read more My Asus Eee PC.]

The experience is perfect. I can connect from anywhere I go as long as there is 3G/GPRS signal.

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11 Responses

  1. SexyMom says:

    hi, Aldrin

    check this out, son, J Angelo’s Asus eee blog

    Happy New Year! for you and your loved ones, my prayers for a 2008 filled with abundant blessings and joy, and may love, hope and peace reign in your hearts.

    SexyMom’s last blog post..My Countdown to the New Year Begins with Wishes for 13

  2. thanks Sexy Mom. Happy new year too! I wish all the best for all of us. btw, I always visit as a noob I really need to check that site. :)

  3. enzo says:

    can you help me setup a 3g connection on my eee pc (original xandros OS) using my SE p990i. thanks. please mail it to me… thanks again

  4. Rudy Hartanto says:

    I am trying to edit the system file as instructed but it could not be saved as I don’t have the permission, same thing when I am trying to access the chatscripts, could you please kindly help to advise the detail on how to modify it so I could access my GSM phone?

  5. prettypotpot says:

    hi! i am very unfamiliar with linux, ive already created an new dialup connection but i can’t edit the system file. actually i do not know how to access and edit the file, can you please please email me the step by step procedure on how to access the internet connection and edit the same using the full desktop mode. thanks!!!

  6. Lace Llanora says:

    Hi! I am trying to get my asus eeepc to detect Sony Ericsson w760 as modem.

    Would you know how to get it done? It is not detected under dial-up or 3g,

  7. Lace Llanora says:


    I use Linux, the one that came with the asus eee. :)

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