N6120 3G connected on Asus Eee PC

Just claimed my new phone from Smart. I already incurred 18 months on plan 800 and they said I’m already eligible to extend my account for another 2 years. Smart service is not as bad as Sun Cellular so I am extending my plan. And upgraded to plan 1200. I’m actually averaging 1500 monthly.

Comes with a new plan is a new Nokia 6120 Classic. It’s actually the most beautiful phone I ever had. Thouggh, I am not into design. The phone is 3G capable and can be used as modem. So I get it.

Installing 3G connection on Asus Eee Pc using Nokia 6120 is just as simple as the previous settings for LG and Sony Ericsson. Most specially if you follow the GUI Way. The only difference: since I already have a previous dial up connection which is dialup1, I have to edit dialup2 for the new connection. And don’t forrget! When you connect your N6120 to your Asus Eee, there will appear 3 options on your phone. Choose PC Suite. Very easy. And here I am! Connected!

I use 3G @ home, Free Wi-Fi when outside. When @ office, I use LAN. :D

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  1. augustine says:


    could you tell me how to connect Nokia 6120 with asus eee pc for 3G smart connection?
    what is the dialup number?
    i have been trying…but always failed…it said “number not in use”



  2. Hi augustine, thanks for the visit. You came to the right place…

    Just dial *99# and you’re good to get connected… ;)

    Just let me know if there anything else I can help you with… I’ll try my best.

  3. augustine says:

    thanks for the reply.
    could you tell me step by step the way to connect the phone for 3G Smart internet?
    It seems I still cant connect it the right way…

    thank you so much


  4. hi…follow these steps and you’ll be happy… :)

    1. Create a dialup profile using your 3G phone as the dialup modem. Usually the N6120 or other 3G- or GPRS-enabled phones wonâ??t appear under the 3G/HSDPA modem list, even when plugged in. They will be detected as dialup modems, though.2. Edit /etc/ppp/peers/dialup1 such that the last few lines appear as follows:modem/dev/ttyACM04608003. Edit /etc/chatscripts/dialup1 such that it looks like this:ABORT VOICEABORT BUSYABORT “NO CARRIER”ABORT “NO DIALTONE”ABORT “NO DIAL TONE”TIMEOUT 120″” ATZOK ATV1E0OK AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”internet”OK ATD*99#CONNECT \c

  5. Jen says:

    Hi Pare!

    Would u know how to connect to the net using K810i?

    Thanks! Need ur help on this…

  6. augustine says:

    yehey!!!..great….i can connect it thru my 6120…

    thank you so much……..

  7. augustine says:

    jen…u can check it at http://www.eeeph.com

  8. Hi Jen, what OS do you use? In XP, once you have installed the drivers, you just have to create a new connection in Networking. The number to dial is *99#. Make sure your phone is configured correctly as well.

  1. April 27, 2011


    I really need it,thank you very much!!!…

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